Check Out Matt Ferguson’s Awesome ‘Thor’ Poster


Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel Studios is proud to present a New Officially Licensed, Limited Edition Screen Print for the Super-Hero Action Film, “Thor.” This is the first poster Grey Matter Art has produced for “Thor” and has chosen to work with the very talented artist, Matt Ferguson. This is the second release with Matt, and it is a great companion piece to his previously released “Iron Man” Poster. Below are details regarding the poster and release date.


Size: 24×36
Regular Edition: 250/$50.00
Printed by: Lady Lazarus 


Size: 24×36
Variant Edition: 150/$70.00
Printed by: Lady Lazarus 


Size: 24×36
Foil Variant Edition: 150/$100.00
Printed by: Lady Lazarus

What Matt Had to say about the project:

“Thor is one of the best subjects to make a poster about because it is unique film in the Marvel Universe. I love the cosmic aspect to the setting crossed with a strong fantasy vibe. I tried to get that across in my poster by using the rainbow bridge and Bifrost. I also wanted the composition to fit in with the Iron Man poster I have already produced for Grey Matter Art but give the art a more pulpy sci-fi edge.” -Matt F

What Mike Gregory had to say about the project:

“Working with Matt again has been such a great experience. This project was so fun to work on and amazing to finally see what he came up with in the end. I really like how this poster and his previous Iron Man work so well together. Matt is a fantastic artist and I am always excited to see what he has coming up.” -Mike G

These amazing posters will be released on Thursday, August 20th at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM est. at Grey Matter Art.

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