Epic Cosplay: Izabel Cortez’s Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Hi gals and guys!

Everyone say hello to Izabel Cortez, super geek girl and creator of a bad ass Harley Quinn cosplay inspired by the upcoming film version of Suicide Squad.

Every single thing about this ensemble was created from scratch. Izabel hand painted the lettering on the shirt, as well as hand lettered the words on the bat. She fashioned a belt, hot pants, gloves,a gun holster and custom made a Jeremy Scott Adidas shoe cover as worn by Margot Robbie.

Izabel also crafted, via sewing machine, a two colored varsity jacket with gold applique leather at the back. Embroidery was also used for some of the text on the jacket. Much research was done on the make up and hairstyle so that Izabel could accuratly recreate the face and custom fashion a wig to complete the look. She did a fantastic job, don’tcha think 😉

I chuckled to myself when Izabel herself told me “The bubblegum is legit. I tired my jaws chewing and blowing them bubbles so we can get a nice shot, to which I thank the photographers who invited me for a shoot”.

Excellent work on the costume (bubble included) Izabel and BRILLIANT work by all of the photographers!!!

Here are a few selfies Izabel gave us to include in this post! Take special note of the one with her cat Garfield in a matching costume!

For a more detailed look at Izabel’s work, check out her gallery here http://tinyurl.com/izzycozplay

her YouTube channel here http://tinyurl.com/izzycostube  AND Facebook page



We are thrilled to meet you Izabel! Keep us posted on any of your future work and have a blast channeling your inner HQ!!!


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