Izabel Cortez and crew bring their version of the Suicide Squad to life

Almost a year after cosplay guru Izabel Cortez let us share her AMAZING Suicide Squad based Harley Quinn …


…she and her #SKWAD are back to debut an entire group of cosplay goodness, Filipino style.

Check it out!!



SUICIDE SQUAD Roster (with links to profiles)

The Joker – Xidge Sparrow

Harley Quinn – Izabel Cortez
Captain Boomerang – John Mark Royale Tizon
Katana – Daihne Cortes
Enchantress – Daph Cortes
Colonel Rick Flag – Fred Viñas
Deadshot – Raymart Reyes
Killer Croc – Dan Reysoma
El Diablo – Myke Dela Paz

Amanda Waller – Annabelle Ceñir

Images by Winky Dionisio



Killer Croc’s mask was sculpted by Cyback Metafusion Prop Shop




INCREDIBLE individual photos can be viewed here




Excellent job to all of those involved in bringing this Suicide Squad to life and THANKS for letting us share it! We look forward to seeing what else you create!




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