100 Days of Star Wars by Kurt Aspland

Almost daily WeGeekGirls stumble upon brilliance! Hey, there are a ton of crazy talented people out there, what can we say!

Today we’d like to “officially” introduce you to Kurt Aspland who is just over half way through his current project 100 Paintings of Star Wars in 100 Days.

I am originally from Orange County, Ca. Went to school at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Two years out of school started my own graphic design firm in Fullerton, business slowed and we thought we would take the opportunity to try the east coast. Now I teach part time at Drexel University in Philadelphia, also teach at the Pennsyvania School of Art and Design and teach drawing at a few local community locations.

This all got started when my younger brother saw some of my ink sketches in my sketchbook and suggested that I try some Star Wars drawings. Being a Star Wars fan, I thought it might be a lot of fun. So I drew this quick little collage of characters from the upcoming movie “The Force Awakens.” I am not sure if it was his idea or mine, but one of us suggested doing 100 drawings as part of the count down to the opening movie. So here were are today at number 75 today…

Each painting takes me about 3hr to complete from beginning to end.I wake up most days at 4am (I am a morning person) and decide who I am going to draw that morning. I do take suggestions from twitter followers and Facebook friends. Next is a quick gesture sketch, followed up by some sort of reference (I will use myself as a model). Then a watercolor under wash, followed by a black pilot pen and brush pen.


Sketchbooks are very important to the development of any artist. There is an old say… “Talent is common, but perseverance is not.” I try and draw daily in my sketchbook. These are just some samples of people I have observed in the train station and pictures that I have seen and have inspired me. My advice to anyone who wants to be an artist is to draw, draw, draw. A great drawing can always save a poor painting, but a terrible drawing will destroy a great painting.

 We are all excited about the new film and what better way to work ourselves into a fine frenzy than to stop by Kurt’s website and see what Star Wars awesomeness he’s working on!

To keep up with what has been done and what is coming, Follow him on Twitter @coffeedrawings

for more about him and to purchase his artwork, check out Kurt’s website http://www.kurtaspland.bigcartel.com/


Stay tuned here on WeGeekGirls at the end of 100 days for a look at ALL the artwork in one place AND we may have a surprise or two for you!!

Welcome to the countdown!


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