YogaQuest: Your Yogic Adventure Awaits


Greetings gals and guys!

As we already know, the geek fabulousness just keeps on coming.

>>>insert your best happy dance here<<<

Not to be left out is a group out of Minneapolis, Minnesota who is putting their own mark on the rapidly growing (and rightfully so) wellness practice of yoga.
Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you…


YogaQuest is a unique and dynamic wellness business that is blazing a trail for those outside the mainstream – geeks, nerds, and anybody who has experienced gym trauma – to engage with wellness on their own terms. Both in studio and through outreach, YogaQuest challenges traditional wellness narratives to make self-care more accessible and fun for all. With narrated yoga classes that incorporate movement and fan-fiction storytelling, as well as discussions focused on making wellness one’s own – rather than conforming to mainstream wellness narratives – YogaQuest presents a radical alternative to mainstream wellness spaces.

YogaQuest is pleased to have a vibrant online community, a DVD for home practice, and the opportunity to engage with the geek community at both fan-run and larger pop culture conventions across the country. YogaQuest’s Narrated Yogic Adventures and discussion panels have been featured at New York Comic Con (NYCC), Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), and at Wizard World Comic Cons in Minneapolis, Chicago and Philadelphia. YogaQuest has been featured in such publications as: The Wall Street Journal, Yoga International, and Atlas Obscura. YogaQuest maintains a studio in Minneapolis that offers regular classes, workshops, and teacher trainings. Pose nerdy with YQ!
As I have come to recently find out, yoga is an incredible addition to one’s wellness routine and the thought of further combining it with the creativity of epic storytelling is sheer brilliance! I found myself wishing I lived a little closer to MN!

Take a closer look:


For yogaquesters in the Minneapolis area, you can find the schedule here :

  • Tuesday – 7pm – YQ Continues – New episodes of our signature narrated class!
  • Friday – 7pm – Friday Night Special – A variety of different classes/community events so that you can get a taste of something new. Donation-based!!
  • Saturday – 10am – Saturday Morning Cartoons – Yes, yoga with cartoons. You’re gonna love it!
  • Saturday — 12pm – Turning it up to Eleven – We are turning the intensity up to eleven with this vinyasa flow yoga!

cosplay yoga 3
For those of us that can’t make to YQ’s regularly scheduled classes, there is a DVD available for home use and/or we can find the YQ crew at the below listed conventions:

WISHCon and others to be announced soon



Check out all of the following links to more YogaQuest greatness!


I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD and will be staying tuned for the videos to be posted online (which will be coming in the near future).

Fandom and fitness keep colliding and we couldn’t be more excited to join the FUN! We are hoping you will too!

See you on the magic mats,


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