Captain America waffle maker!!!

You read that right, our new friends at BoxLunch have just what you need to make a #TeamCap tastic meal for yourself.

Want to see how it works?


Now doesn’t that look tasty??? And how about SUPER easy!!!?

Click here to purchase!

So what could be better than enjoying a Superhero themed breakfast? How about knowing that as you are eating, your geektastic purchase from BoxLunch was actually a charitable donation?


In addition to ALL the fabulous fandom related merchandise, BoxLunch has partnered with Feeding America so that every $10 you spend goes to provide a meal for someone in need.

Geeky & Charitable??? Sign us up!!


You can find BoxLunch by following the link above and via these social media outlets:

Twitter @BoxLunchGifts

YouTube @ BoxLunch



If you get your hands on one of these bad boys, take a picture and tag us on the interwebs! We want to see you shopping geeky!!

Happy SpendGiving,


**all photos/video courtesy of BoxLunch**

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