Keys of Candor: Sea of Souls

Greetings fellow readers! It is my great pleasure to share with you the book I just finished.

Keys of Candor: Sea of Souls is out TODAY and is FANTASTIC!


I read from here to the end of the book in one day!


BUT BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER, make sure you are caught up on the story so far by checking out The Red Deaths…


Sea of Souls

Candor Maps-3

map by Calandra Usher

I placed the map above for reference as I go on 🙂

Kull has been captured by Seam.


Seam now has all of the keys of Candor and can go forward with his plan of releasing the Serubs (powerful ancient rulers) and unleashing his totalitarian regime in Candor.

Abtren…Arakiel…Nyx…One by one the mirrors are found and the sinister celestial beings are released by blood and by blood they get stronger.

Anyone who opposes the rule of the High King is drained of life and replaced with carnal bloodlust only Seam can control.  Morels …that is what Seam calls his puppets and it is of them he builds his army…to conquer and devour.


Wael, Grift and Willyn have been recuperating/regrouping in the wooded holy land of Preost. Shaken to the core by the capture (and fearing the worst) of Kull, they, with heavy hearts make plans to continue to stop Seam.

Armed with knowledge of where the remaining two Serubs are trapped in their mirrors, it is up to the three of them (and whatever allies they can find along the way) to rise of above their weariness and keep Candor out of the clutches of Seam Panderean.


Bastion, the fourth Serub, is in the Groganland stronghold of The Legion’s Teeth. Willyn Kara must go back to her homeland, find the Red resistance, reclaim her Sar-dom and hide the mirror somewhere it withing the tunnels of realm…only, she must travel light and stay under the radar because she is WANTED.


Isphet, the fifth Serub, is hidden underneath the Preost Sanctuary of Aleph. It is up to the Mastermonk Wael and his brothers to guard the last mirror and to pray to Aleph for increased protection and guidance.


Grift, giving up all hope that Kull is alive, has one goal, to get to his wife Rose. Knowing that she gave her rune of blessing to their son, Grift knows he doesn’t have much time to get to Preost for another blessing and perhaps healing. He must face a much different Lotte than the one he left to accomplish this and it might cost him his life.



With each Serub that is released, Seam gets more powerful. Though the Serubs are godlike, Seam holds the keys and thus can bend them to his will…and bend them he does.

Seam, also aware of where the fourth Serub is hidden, makes plans to go to the Groganlands and meetup with fellow bad guy, Hosp (remember him? He lied to Willyn, sent her to kill Grift and took the Sar-dom from her while she was gone). Seam has plans for Hosp and they don’t really include having a drink together 😉

Candor Maps-1


What happens between Seam and Hosp?

Does Willyn make the voyage from Preost to The Legions Teeth undetected?

Will Grift find his beloved Rose alive?


What of Kull? What was his Fate?


Why not buy the book and find out for yourselves!?? It reads way way way better than I can re tell it!

Sea of Souls is available TODAY! Go and get it!! You will be glad you did!


I have to give a personal shout out to authors Seth & Casey!!! Guys, I can’t thank you enough for continuing the story Candor and for turning it out so quickly. I thought I enjoyed The Red Deaths, that is, until I read Sea of Souls. It truly is incredible and I thank you so much for allowing me to beta read this. I hope you sell THOUSANDS!!


Books…don’t you just love them!



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