The Bradshaw Challenge: Fitness


I originally decided to #wearit today and posted a photo of my newly acquired fitness tracker…thinking that it fit the bill for the prompt…


Then I read Lizzie’s post and realized there was something I was leaving out.




Mental/emotional/spiritual fitness…powerful

We’ve come far enough as a society to talk about things like this, which is incredible, but are we doing enough?
There is absolutely NO shame in admitting that things aren’t always great with your mental state.
It took YEARS for me to seek help for my anxiety and depression and I still go to therapy every two weeks.
I couldn’t admit that I suffered, at first, because my symptoms weren’t what I had always read about…All I knew was that places/things that were once manageable were filled with accelerated heart rate and paranoia. I had a great job and a great support system but I dreaded the thought of facing another day.

It takes great courage to share thoughts/feelings that you think people may not understand but there is so much hope out there to be seen and felt…freedom too!

We hear the phrase “mental/physical fitness go together” regularly and at one time, I am sure that I didn’t quite ‘buy’ into it. Having started to see the results myself now, I do.

When you care for your mental/emotional health you are kinder to yourself, more forgiving, which ultimately leads to a healthier relationship with your workout routine.

Using myself as the example here…
There was no way I was ever going to reach my health goals with the weight of the mental/emotional baggage I had. It doesn’t have to look heavy to mean that it is heavy. Every which way I could, I would self sabotage my goals, leading me ultimately back to where I started…for 15 years…

For me, sharing my struggle is the only thing that has allowed me to get my physical fitness sorted…I’m not where I want to be yet but for the first time, maybe ever, I feel like it’s possible and that is HUGE.

In everything we do (want to do) for others, don’t we owe it to ourselves to start with ‘us’.

I’ll be wishing all of you out there the most FIT life possible ❤


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Until next time,



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