The Bradshaw Challenge: Online Dating



Believe it or not, I don’t have a lot to say here…although strangely enough I received an email from the New York based dating app DragonFruit just this morning…

Copy of DRAGON-FRUIT-large-trspnt

I had prepared myself to write a short and possibly cynical piece on my limited experience and reluctance to try again…but, this email brought a strange new hope…

About a week ago, just after I wrote to you my promise to get back in the dating scene, I was looking around my room, where currently all my geekdom resides, and my eyes landed on my bookshelf. Online was where I intended to make this return but as Hagrid, Harry, Harley, Boba Fett, Leonardo, Bilbo, Dracula, Jonathan Strange, Mr. Darcy and countless others looked back at me, I knew I would never give them up for someone or even quiet my adoration in the attempt to impress someone. It isn’t that I don’t think people are reasonable and understanding, but lets face it, we geeks all eventually get the glazed over look from someone who just isn’t willing to follow us that far. And I know compromise is all apart of the game…but…

And then DragonFruit appeared.

“More than just a swipe”

Copy of DRAGON-FRUIT-large-trspnt
Now, I haven’t downloaded it yet BUT the fact that it boasts itself as “for geeks, by geeks” has it as a top runner in the list of possible dating starts.
I have LOADS of skepticism about the success of online dating but if I am honest, I have heard WAY WAY more success stories than horror stories.
So, maybe my skepticism doesn’t have much of a basis…and maybe I should try DragonFruit…

Would you?


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