HeroesCon Highlight: Artist Heather Hitchman


As much as we wanted to save this shot of Heather for later in the post, we just couldn’t. Turning the corner to see this beautiful booth and that lovely smiling face was one of the highlights of HeroesCon for us.

Not only can you see the magic in this space, you can feel it. Heather greeted us warmly as we approached her booth and was very happy to welcome us to Terratoff, the land where her magical creatures live.



Hi, my name is Heather, welcome to my booth. This is my Terratoff booth. It is a paranormal fantasy world building that I am doing so it combines the fun of fantasy creatures with a little bit of spookiness from different theologies and paranormal activity.



We were curious as to why the adorable unicorn in the photo above was sitting in a cemetery.

So, in Terratoff there is the thing called, The Rott, and it only affects magical creatures. It basically consumes you from the inside out and it is ravishing Terratoff right now. All magical creatures are susceptible to it accept the unicorn. Unicorns are immune it because their horns are made of a substance called aloecorn and for some reason (nobody knows) it leaves them immune to the rott unless their horn breaks.

This one is hanging out at the cemetery because spooky places like the cemetery are where creatures that are infected with the rott like to hang out, so it’s very dangerous for a magical creature to go visit a departed family member or friend. So, the unicorns like to hang out there to help guide these travelers to their beloved departed. The immunity doesn’t transfer to the traveler but it offers a sense of calming a peace and calming. Any of the infected know that unicorns are immune so they mostly stay away from them, offering any travelers near the unicorn protection.

Actually, some of my fans gave me the messages that I placed on the tombstones or they are nods to contemporary people who have passed away or even other character that have passed.

Heather admits that there are too many characters to name but that one of her favorites is Queen Gloria.


In Terratoff, fawns are the ruling race and she is one of the most recent Queens. As time has gone by, through the centuries, The Rott has consumed a good amount of Terratoff and for a while they had no hope. Gloria was the one that fought back and found a way to combat The Rott using human beings.

Now, human beings are not creatures of magic, they are just human beings, which The Rott like to use as fodder in battle. Queen Gloria decided to fight to free the humans so she could train them to fight and to the be on the good side of the battle. Since humans aren’t magical, they can’t contract The Rott so that makes them PERFECT to fight for Terratoff.

She had three daughters. One is the head of the military, on is the Ravenclaw of the family and the third, the youngest, is albino and only comes out at night.


Heather has been developing Terratoff since she was in elementary school. Using the creative process as means to escape the difficulties of her adolescent years, Heather hopes that the world and characters she creates can help others find a place of safety and acceptance.


So, these are my limited edition series from my hashtag months. It’s sort of like Inktober, which a lot of people are familiar with so I reference it. These are a different spin on that, fantasy themes. We have Junicorn (Unicorn in June), Smaugst (Dragons in August), and Mermay (Mermaids in May). ANNND I am going to start my own in September…Satyrember (Fawns or Satyrs). BONUS, I found a way to incorporate all of them in to my Terratoff world.


IF you are as interested in the stories as we are, they can all be found on Heather’s instagram @HeatherHitchman

We were truly fascinated and enchanted by Terratoff (and Heather). WeGeekGirls have already found Heather on all of her social media connections and will be spending the coming weeks combing back through them to see more of what Heather has created.

We’d like to thank Heather for taking the time to speak with us and thank HeroesCon for having such a stellar Artist Alley.

We hope to see you again soon Heather!!!


For more on the land of Terratoff, visit http://heatherhitchman.com/ where you will also find links to all of social media sites.

Don’t forget to come back and share your favorite characters with us!


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