Heart Camp–First Thoughts

It’s the day after #heartcamp18. Technically, it’s two days after it but I drove down to Florida for it so I spent the drive back reliving the experience over and over again.

There is SO much to share and I will get to all of it but I had to get a few things out now.


IF you have something that is tugging at you right now, something that you want to do, be, feel or achieve, #heartcamp18 is where you need to go.

IF you are longing for connection, acceptance and a deeper conversation, Heart Camp is where you need to be.

IF you feel heavy and want a taste of light, at #heartcamp18 you will find it.

No matter the condition of your heart, you will find a safe place to bring it and have it cared for at #heartcamp18.

If you feel too much, #heartcamp18 is the place for you.


Melbourne, Florida is a lovely little place. You may want to check my accuracy on the “little” part šŸ˜‰ and The Crown Plaza was a stellar venue. I, as well as most others, traveled solo and I never once felt alone.

There are still spots open for the second workshop.




If for some reason you are still in the consideration mode and need just a nudge more, allow me to share a little from my heart.


Honestly, I decided to attend because, as I mentioned in the post prior to this one, it’s a conversation I’ve wanted to join for a while. I planed to attend, ask questions about how to facilitate a deeper conversation in my area of the world, share a few stories and maybe make a friend or two…MUCH MORE HAPPENED.

From the moment I stepped into the hotel, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The first two faces I saw (Amanda and Kenneth) arrived almost the same time I did and where quick to introduce themselves.

I have other plans for a #heartcamp18 play by play but I will say the rest of the weekend went much the same. No matter who walked up, they were greeted with a smile and they gave a smile in return. I’ve gone to many gatherings of strangers over the years but I’ve never seen people so warm and open to introduction.

There was absolutely no pressure to socialize beyond what one’s comfort level was but before the weekend was over, almost everyone shared a piece of their heart with someone else and even those who aren’t comfortable with lots of physical touch shared at least one embrace.



Brave, honest and 100% open conversations happened throughout the event at group tables, lunch break excursions, walks along the ocean, in quite corners of the lobby, loudly in the middle of the lobby…after dark and into the next day. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and were met with a safe place for ALL thoughts and feelings to be held and above all respected.


photo by Kenneth Westphal

You may think it impossible to walk away from something (anything for that matter) with 42 new, genuine, friends (yes, I am counting the host himself among them) and you may think you don’t need that many new friends (I will fully admit, I didn’t)…but trust me, I DID and if you are still reading this LOVE FEST, something tells me YOU do too.

In my life and therapy journey, I have come to realize that when you find that bright spot, you do whatever you have to do to keep it there. We were all there for something brighter and when that many people are all looking for the same thing, MAGIC happens.

And to get even more personal for a minute, I have been in constant contact with almost half of my #heartcampfam since we physically parted ways on Monday. To me that’s huge!

It’s only been a few days, sure, and, of course, there is potential for the contact to dissipate in the coming days, weeks, years but I will tell you this, I have never felt more heard, accepted, appreciated, and loved by a collective group of people.

That, I can take with me everywhere.

That, that I can tap into anytime and it’s the best feeling in the WORLD!



My point in all of this is, you don’t necessarily have to be in a low place to NEED other people, to have conversations that matter to you, to be heard or to want to be fully accepted…You can be, OF COURSE, but you don’t have to be.

Sometimes everything can be pretty great and you can have really great friends (which I absolutely do) and then suddenly you have even more room in your heart than you thought you did AND you find incredible people to fill the space with and to carry with you.

I think that is what happens when we let THE LIGHT in…

…and also, quite possibly, the best kind of icing on the cake ā¤




This is Jamie Tworkowski. There’s a bio out there somewhere…

But here is what I know about him. You can trust him…with it ALL. He won’t like me talking about him here but oh well. You need to know that this guy straight up cares about you. He wants you to know that you matter, that you are not alone, that your story is important and he wants you find out what you are made for.

He wrote a book so that in it’s pages you would find HOPE. That’s about all I needed to know to join him and 41 strangers in a brand new (for me) city.


You may be wondering exactly what you get for the price of registration/travel. I can only say that the best of it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, if you let it. I emptied my bank account to make this happen and I would do it again tomorrow.

If I haven’t lost you yet, you know what to do next…



Love and Hope to you ALL,

A happy and forever changed Heart Camper ā¤








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