The Ruin

FULL Transparency here, I chose this title, from the bin of a thrift shop, without even reading the synopsis on the back because of the cover…

It just called to me!

The first time I read The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan (early 2020), I finished it very quickly. Not only was it within a genre I find myself reading often, I had just visited Ireland (for my second time) in December of 2019, so the accents and environment were easy to get fully immersed in.

“It’s been twenty years since Detective Cormac Reilly discovered the body of Hilaria Blake in her crumbling home. But he’s never forgotten the two children she left behind…

When Aisling Conroy’s boyfriend Jack is found in the freezing black waters of the river Corrib in Ireland, the police tell her it was suicide. She throws herself into work, trying to forget—but Jack’s sister Maude reappears in Ireland after years abroad, determined to prove Jack was murdered.”

It seems I defintely have a “type” when it comes to what I like to read the most, at least at the present moment, and it tends to be stories that have to do a little digging into the past to get clarity in the present.

Detective Reilly is no-nonsense when it comes to his work but also tender hearted in the ways of personal relationships, which I think, makes him great at both. I loved that he gets drawn back in to one of his first cases when he makes a transfer after 20 years…something about adding a cold case in gives me hope…The attention this particular set of cases points to the corruption in both the justice system and foster care were very compelling!! These pieces as well as the additional supporting characters come together to make a truly enjoyable crime thriller.

I was so pleased with my first read through of The Ruin that when I needed another Audiobook to listen to, I recently took advantage of re-experiencing this title. I have to say the narrator, Aoife McMahon, does an excellent job of giving voice to each one of the characters and it really added to the overall experience.

In doing this little write up, I am now aware that Cormac Reilly has a few more stories to tell and I will definitely be adding more Dervla McTiernan to my TBR/Listen pile!!

I’m curious, when you find an author and/or series that already has multiple published titles, do you go ahead and binge read them or do you switch gears for a bit and leave yourself something to savor later???


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