Nerdigo: Blissful musical disorientation by prolonged exposure to nerd culture.

Greetings gals and guys!!

We got wind of a pretty cool group of fellow geeks and wanted to introduce them to you!

Meet Greg, Lauren and Brandon or


We are Nerdigo Band, a group created out of mutual appreciation for music and nerd culture. The three of us met through work in the winter of 2014 but didn’t begin this project until summer 2015. We have grown through both twitch streaming and youtube up until this point, but now we are glad to announce the upcoming release of our demo on February 29th, 2016.

Both Greg and Lauren come from a history of classical training while Brandon contributes plenty of knowledge having been in a band prior to Nerdigo, the Innuendos. Now combined we enjoy bringing a wide range of influences and genres to the topics of our joy; all things nerdy. We’d love for you to check out our music and let us know what you think. There truly is something for everyone.

Welcome to Nerdigo.


Lauren – Vocals
Brandon – Guitar
Greg – Piano

The demo Notice Us Senpai  track list includes:

1. Notice Me Senpai
2. Sociopolitical Thriller (song about game of thrones)
3. Shenron (from Dragon Ball)
4. Tango OAG (overly attached girlfriend meme)
5. Mr. J (Harley Quinn song to the joker.

The demo can be downloaded for free below (donations are optional but appreciated)
You can also find them on

and also on Twitch


Here is the lyric video for the FULL DEMO! Check it out!


They sound pretty great, RIGHT!!?? Don’t forget to show them some love by downloading the demo (make a donation if you can, a little goes a long way) and following Nerdigo on the above listed social media sites!


Happy jamming 😉



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