SWCO Hightlight: The toasters you are looking for

SOOooooooo, you like to cook huh? But your meals are falling a little flat? Getting a little boring?

How about giving your toast a dark side…




Or blending your liquids via light saber battle…




What about giving your waffle an upgrade…




Or popping your corn on the Death Star…




If you are looking to use The Force in your kitchen, our friends at Pangea Brands have got you covered.


Pangea Brands had a great booth at SWCO and seemed to sell well during the convention.

Jeremy, pictured above, was nice enough to give us a few minutes of his time to tell us more about the products.

CC: We are at Day 3 of SWCO and are at the Pangea Brands booth. Can you tell us a little bit about your product?

Jeremy: Certainly, we manufacture small kitchen electrics for Star Wars. Our first product was the Darth Vader toaster and that was three years ago. Disney gave us the license for one product and we have since expanded our offerings to many toasters, immersion blenders,  salt & pepper shakers, waffle makers, and popcorn makers.

CC: Ok (smiles) you just answered my first three questions so I just want to ask one more. What is your favorite product to use?

Jeremy: My favorite product to use is the immersion blender and I use it daily. I am a chef at home…I didn’t aspire to be a salesman of novelty appliances, I wanted to be a chef but I get to use my passion in the kitchen to bring these products to life, so it’s a lot fun.

Specializing in unique, licensed kitchen electronics and accessories, Pangea Brands is your one stop shop for transferring a plain ole’ kitchen into a culinary fandom paradise.

As a popcorn lover, I am partial to the Death Star popper, but what is your favorite product?

Warp on over Pangea Brands and get it shipped to you right now!!



Big thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to chat with us AND for giving us images from his personal collection to use in this post!

It was nice to meet you Jeremy! Thanks for making such cool products!


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