SWCO Highlight: The Kessel Runway

Our Friday afternoon at SWCO was spent learning all things in Star Wars female fashion from one of our favorite fashion blogs, The Kessel Runway.

Kristy Glasglow lead a very thorough and informative panel on everything from the history of women’s Star Wars fashion to everyday cosplay and fan made fashion.

She introduced the audience to brands like






love and the madnes




Po-Zu Footwear


her universe



Kristy shared favorites from each of these brands from her personal collection.

Most of the above mentioned had booths at Celebration so we were able to see a good amount of the current collections up close and personal.

The Kessel Runways passion for the fandom was evident in the amount of research that was out in to the history segment of the panel. We were shown the earliest collection of 3-D sculpted enamel necklaces, gold-tone text and character pendent necklaces and rings.

It was pointed out more than once that the fandom fashion, especially women’s, faded out for about 20years, picking back up in the late 2000’s.


From the history portion, the panel discussed the rise of Star Wars fashion and included a good portion of the companies mentioned above.

In addition to sharing collections from her favorite companies, Kristy discussed how to incorporate your favorite pieces into an everyday outfit for when you need to keep the fandom a bit more subtle.

It was a very enjoyable panel and we made note of the companies we weren’t familiar with so that we can go support them the next chance we get. After all, we want them to keep the Star Wars collections in stock for a really long time.




We could have gone in to a lot more detail about this panel but we really want you to hear everything from Kristy herself. Head on over to The Kessel Runway and follow along as she shares all 9 parts of her panel with her readers!

Give TKR a follow on social media while you are out there!


Twitter @thekesselrunway



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